Pono Loa

old Hawai'i, the way it was meant to be

located in Ka'a'awa on the island of O'ahu

About Ka'a'awa    
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Kaaawa is one of the best places on O'ahu to enjoy both mountain and ocean views and activities. 

It is located on the windward side of O'ahu, near Kualoa Regional Park and Kahana Bay

This side of the island is well known for it's relaxing effects... white sand beaches, beautiful clear blue waters and majestic mountains. 

Unlike Waikīkī, it is not crowded or "touristy"... rather it's more laid back in a rural setting with lots of different wildlife (land and sea) and foliage.

This area of O'ahu is often described as being “where the Ko'olau Mountains meet the sea.” 

Kaaawa, being on the “windward” side of the island, has some of the best surfing on the islands. 

Plenty of snorkeling and diving spots are also available in the area.

Kaaawa is also just one mile from Kualoa Ranch, which is a 4,000-acre horse ranch that offers 40 minute or 1.5 hour trail rides into the Kaaawa Valley where Jurassic Park and other famous movies have been filmed. The ranch also offers helicopter rides, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, mountain biking and more.


Weather & Climate in Kaaawa

The windward side of O'ahu has a subtropical climate with prevailing northeasterly trade winds, which are a dominant factor that governs O'ahu's pleasant climate.

The trade winds are consistent in summer months, and in combination with the warm temperatures gives O'ahu and all of Hawai'i great conditions for sailing, boating and other outdoor recreational activities.

O'ahu has two mountain ranges that separate the wet "windward" side from the drier "leeward" coast.

The Ko'olau mountains extend along the northeastern side and to the west lies the Wai'anae Mountains.

Showers occur almost daily on the windward side, while on the leeward said, showers are light.

Occasionally the trade winds shut down and it can become hot and humid.

It is rare, however, for weather to become severe enough to interfere with outdoor plans.

Month High Temp Low Temp Rainfall Ocean Temp
January 78°F 68°F 5.67 in. 76°F
February 78F 68°F 5.11 in. 76°F
March 79°F 69°F 5.65 in. 77°F
April 79°F 79°F 4.22 in. 77°F
May 80°F 71°F 3.51 in. 78°F
June 82°F 73°F 2.61 in. 79°F
July 83°F 74°F 3.31 in. 80°F
August 84°F 75°F 2.34 in. 81°F
September 84°F 75°F 4.52 in. 82°F
October 83°F 74°F 4.12 in. 81°F
November 81°F 72°F 6.96 in. 78°F
December 79°F 79°F 5.33 in. 77°F